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Tips to make your move easier

Label boxes

Label boxes

It is now three weeks since we moved into a Lifestyle Village and when people come over, they can’t believe that we have just moved in.

I packed all our possessions myself as I am a little OCD and didn’t want to arrive at my new home with things I do not love or use.
When moving companies pack, they pack everything, and you end up with all your clutter at your new home. I don’t say that they don’t know what they doing, they are very efficient, but leave you with boxes marked for each room and you don’t know what you’ll find in that box, which makes unpacking and zoning difficult. I left the paintings, TV, computer and large furniture items for them to pack.

Today I want to share how I orchestrated my packing for the move. I used orchestrated intentionally for you to ponder Continue reading

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