Paper Management and Office Organising

Getting your paper piles organised has an immediate payback in the form of extra time. A little investment in this, will pay ongoing dividends. Cloud 9 organised will empower you to solve your problems regarding filingTop Retrieval Files and managing paper by assisting you to streamline your business and to stop wasting time searching for information and documents – assisting you through the installation or conversion of your filing system into one that REALLY works, and training your staff – empowering you to get maximum benefit from an organised filing system. (No more “little islands” of information everywhere – you will be able to share information, eliminate file duplication, cut down on copy costs, find files at any time without hassle, quickly access central filing. Streamline  communications, and be able to effortly find files when you have employee turnover.


De-cluttering and organising space

Disorganised stockWe visit you at your home (the source of the clutter), assess your needs, and then provide customised solutions for YOUR problems. NB: For instance, often a seemingly simple action like rearranging furniture can rectify a claustrophobic feeling and create the perception of a welcoming home.

The de-cluttering process is thorough and all-inclusive, and is aimed at opening up space and creating order from chaos. NB: Cloud 9 organised, however, does not go overboard and leave only the bare necessities in place. We know how important it is that your space must echo YOUR personality, tastes, experiences, and passions. We do not want to strip you of items that are precious to you, but believe that all your belongings need a home, a space where they can be easily accessed, be used, and be admired.

The focus is on reducing stress, clearing space, creating time, and saving money (especially by eliminating double purchases). This will give you more opportunity to do the things you love, feel in control, and work more efficiently. The ultimate aim is also to create a warm home environment where you will be proud and confident to receive guests.Shelves neatly organised

We do not only do large projects but are acutely aware of the impact (positive or negative) of small things, like hanging pictures and/or doing small DIY jobs that you never seem to find the time to get around to. That is why we also specialize in organising your photos into albums or collages, and organising your memorabilia into a system that will leave you with beautiful memories that can readily be shared and cherished.

Cloud 9 organised renders professional home and office organising services according to YOUR needs, be they small or comprehensive.


Major life-changing events                                                       Relocation Move arrives

It is a fact of life that most people tend to become disorganised when major changes occur in their lives, or they suffer a personal loss. Cloud 9 organised ensures objectivity during such times, empowering you to stay focussed during the emotional stress accompanying major changes or loss.

Typical examples are

  • Selling your houseAfter the move
  • Moving to a new place or relocating to another country
  • Losing your life partner through death or divorce
  • Downsizing
  • Wrapping up the estate of a loved one that has passed away

Depending on which one or combination of the above examples is the source of your emotional stress and accompanying disorganisation, Cloud 9 organised will assist you through rendering the following services in whatever combination is required:

  • Advise you on maintenance that has to be done to make the property/home more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Organise for unwanted furniture to be taken to second hand dealers or auctioneers; and assist you to de-clutter before the movers come to give you quotes, thus saving you money
  • Sort personal papers and belongings, and (where necessary) assist you in getting valuations for jewellery and valuable artefacts
  • Give advice on what to do with unwanted items; and (where applicable) packing and distributing effects to relevant parties and charities*
  • Source and organise suitable storage solutions (where necessary}
  • Pack effects to be moved
  • Organise clearing and cleaning of the property
  • Assist you in the process of planning the move – thus reducing stress and saving you time
  • Supervise moves in Gauteng
  • At your new home, take over when the movers have left – setting out furniture; hanging curtains and paintings; putting your possessions into wardrobes, draws, and cupboards; preparing beds – changing the cardboard chaos in to a welcoming home

*All the clutter and items that you no longer want is taken to a charity of your choice. If you do not specify a welfare organization, it will be taken to Hospice. In most cases clothing is distributed to the needy and household items are sold in charity shops.

Whatever your need(s), contact Cloud 9 organised for REALLY expert advice and passionate service. And remember:

NEAT does not necessarily equal ORGANISED