Our concern for the environment and a healthy planet has led to our involvement in a number of green initiatives within the company to put environmental sustainable practices to use.  I encourage you to take responsibility to minimize your environmental impact and to consider using our easy solutions in your home or office. Change your perception that one person can not make a difference. If each  of us makes a small change, it will make a huge impact globally.

You do not only enhance your own lifestyle by getting rid of paper clutter – eliminating the paper mountains that are produced by cluttering will help save trees… the “lungs” of the Earth. 

  • Reduce the use of Paper – print less or on both sides.Recycling
  • Collect paper and cardboard for recycling.                                    
  • File tax electronically
  • Bring home recyclables if there isn’t a bin provided.
  • If you have confidential papers which need shredding, Cloud 9 organised will take care of it for you and shred it off-site for a small extra charge.


  • Take re-useable shopping bags when shopping to reduce the plastic trash in the environment.
  • Re-purpose plastic containers for storage.Re-use water bottles.
  • Instead of buying water, take your own along to work in a cleaned used bottle.

Customer Participation:
Recycling is promoted amongst our customers by providing information about how and what to recycle and reinforcing positive office/home habits. 

Switch off machines, lighting, heating and air conditioning when not necessary – saving electricity consumption.

Save time and fuel. Group activities in the same area when planning shopping and business trips.

Eco-friendly cleaning:
Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Minimising the use of harmful chemicals

Recycling TinsCommunity support:
The plastic, metal and glass recyclables generated in the office/home are taken to Hospice for recycling. Paper is placed on the street for Ronnie Kerbside pick-up which benefits the SPCA and Hospice.

Turning your clutter into things that matter:
All the clutter and items that you no longer want is taken to a charity of your choice. If you do not specify a charity, it will be given to any of the following: Hospice, Tshwane Child Welfare, Irene Homes, Boitumelo Project or Tshwane Place of Safety. In most cases clothing is distributed to the needy and household items are sold in their charity shops.