About us

Heidi MeyerHeidi Meyer launched Cloud 9 organised in 2005. She is a professional organiser, and holds membership of POAA (Professional Organisers Association Africa). Her mission is to ensure that home and work environments are calm, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. Heidi knows from her experience in organising the physical environment that her clients also benefit emotionally.

She inspires people to get motivated to improve their lives, the focus being on reducing stress, creating more time, and saving money. Heidi concentrates on empowering YOU to take charge of your life, and to take action to change.

Cloud 9 organised charges an hourly rate for services. Travel charges apply.

Heidi is a sought after speaker, and when talking to groups she customises her talks to the needs of the group. She is equally at home interacting with mixed or women only audiences from all walks of life.

Her talks include the following content:

This talk assists participants to simplify and organise their lives, to get due tasks done by implementing small changes, and giving them the skills to live a more relaxed life.

Organise and De-clutter:
Here participants learn how to organise any space, and acquire the skills to purge their belongings of  unwanted items – and be left with a more functional and aesthetically pleasing work or home environment.

Participants leave Heidi’s talks with a better understanding of the fundamental principles of organising and categorising, as well as a set of techniques to use on future projects.